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I know you may already have an idea of who I am, but I will be a little bit selfish and create a whole page about it. So my name is Melissa, I'm 19 years old and I am from Mexicali, Mexico. I have a dual citizenship, due to the fact that I was born in San Diego, CA ( it's really close to Mexico, and its totally legal).  Because of this amazing opportunity I have, I studied my 4 years of high school in the U.S. while living in Mexico at the same time. Furthermore I've been practicing the amazing sport of fencing for the last 8 years of my life, and I love it.

I've had some good results in fencing overall. I once qualified to part of the Mexican National Cadet team which led me to participate in the 2010 Cadet Pan-American Championships. Also, I have participated in multiple Camps in places such as Rome and La Havana, Cuba.  Because of fencing and the easiness to cross the border everyday to school, I was accepted to St. John's University and got into the fencing Varsity team. As a result, I live in New York City, which makes me love fashion even more than before.

I've been interested in fashion since I can remember, but what made me start this blog was the fact that not only am I a blog-reader, but I believe I would like to give my perspective on fashion to the world. You can't always look fashionable when you have many things to do, such as practice and go to school at the same time, or whatever it is that you do. But you can always find inspiration in other people to see how they manage their time and see that it is possible to express yourself through the things you wear.

I hope this about me page has shed some light about who I am.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me Pin It Now!

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