Back to reality

Target denim shirt, charlotte russe black jeans, candies loafers, old Prada sunnies

So today was a normal hot day at school, but the AC is so cold in the classrooms that I decided to put a little bit of more clothing on me just to be warm. Guess what? I was neither too hot or too cold, so it was perfect. 
Furthermore, I have been kind of... just a little bit... obsessed with putting my hair in a high ponytail and then braiding it. I believe it can look good both in a casual event and in a formal event.
Also, I really wanted to wear this outfit with a dark lipstick, but I figured out it was not that appropriate for school. But if you ever have a denim or chambray shirt with black pants you could totally pull of dark lips!!!

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  1. I really like the Jeans Shirt :-)

    xx, V


  2. Hi beautiful!

    I think that this post is really interesting...and i love ur pictures! do u want to follow each other? I'm already following u!

    xx from