School look

Hunter boots, Vintage chambray shirt, F21 Parka, Glossy leggings, Burberry eyeglasses (different side design)

Even though it is a very simple look, I thought I should post it. We all look at those fashion blogs with expensive clothes and outfits that we can't wear everyday. Come on lets be honest, are you wearing heels if you are running around all day at school? 1:People will think you are weird if you wear heels at school. 2: Your feet will suffer the consequences. So as much as I like dressing up and wearing pencil skirts and heels (in my apartment where no one sees me...) I try to keep it casual and comfortable when i'm on the run.
Ps. Parka's are IN. If you find one in a good price, I will recommend you to snatch it before you regret it!

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