I call it... the "White Blazer Disaster"

So yesterday I went out with my sister to this place called "supperclub" in L.A. and even though we were not there for a long time, we actually met a lot of people and had a nice time :).  The funny thing about yesterday was that my sister lent me her white blazer, and we went to eat to jack in the box( yup, i'm one of those, love late night snacks) and i was eating a $1 dollar taco and dropped some of it on her white blazer, which by the way she is still mad about hahaha.

-Dress: Right Angle dress- Colorblock. www.nastygal.com  ($48)

-Makeup: Covergirl "Lip perfection" lip color in Euphoria.

-Shoes:  www.urbanog.com "Liliana Sanders-9 snake open Toe Wedge Bootie"

-Blazer: www.shopakira.com <---- one of my favorite online stores, and right now they have a huge sale! Pin It Now!

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