Never done THAT before

So today I decided to mix and match a little bit.. and I ended up with something that in my opinion didn't look THAT bad! what made me reach this decision was that my older sister is always bugging that i am " to preppy to function"( yes, i know that you figured it out where she got it from, mean girls of course) and I decided I kinda am, so i figured out that there's nothing wrong in sometimes experimenting a little bit. Besides, I still paired my outfit with the item in my wardrobe that I use the most, which is my tory burch flats.

Remember, there is always something that is worth spending a lot of money on if you are always going to use it and it is of good quality!

-Ray Ban "Club Master" sunglasses
-forever 21vest
thrifted T-shirt
-H&M high slim ankle jeans
-toru burch "Reva" flats in black

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