pear shaped?

hello there!! My name is Melissa Corona. I'm from Mexicali, Mexico, but currently live in the great great city of New York!!(yes, its a dream come true). I love fashion and unique stuff, but mostly the little things that make everyday so interesting. So the purpose blog is just to post the things that i like (sorry i know a little bit selfish on my part, but i swear you will like it!!) and to give you guys ideas or just something to see if you are bored hahah.

... ok enough about me. i'll leave you guys with pics of the outfit i wore today, which reminded me to give you guys a tip: always choose what suits YOU! not everything that is trending might suit your body type, believe me i have learned this the hard way, so just keep in mind that before looking trendy you should look good!!! As you can see, i kinda have a weird body shape. I am very small from head to waist and VERY BIG from the waist down, but hey you know you just gotta love yourself. I chose these shorts because they accentuate my waist, so always consider the little things when you go shopping!

-Forever 21 shirt and shorts
-marc by marc jacobs cross body bag
-Revlon lipstick "pink in the afternoon" Pin It Now!

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