Saturday Night Out

hey my dear bloggers, just woke up with the worst allergy ever... which let me to the decision of doing nothing for the whole day and just add another entry. However if something comes up i maynot be strong enough to say no...

This is some pics of last saturday when i went out with some of my bestfriends (we are missing one, we consider ourselves the sisterhood of traveling pants.. please don't laugh) aaaand we were actually having fun as we dressed ourselves and blasted "levels" by avicii. The night didnt turn out as fun BUT i think our outfits were amazing so i had to post these pics. My friend  from the right is called Saira, and here is a pic of her outfit:

I believe all of Saira's outfit is from Forever 21. Really bad i didnt take a pic of our heels bc they were ROCKING, no joke.

as for mine

- cropped bustier top in pink ,papaya
- high waisted white shorts with front pockets, Forever 21
-Heels (even though you can't see them) i bought them at this shoe website were you can find awesome gigs!!! here it is: ---> www.urbanog.com (you may see some pretty bad shoes, but they are actually a lot of nice ones !! you just have to find them)

the color i have in my eyes is from color pigments from MAC in gold color. They are not that cheap but  totally worth it!!!! i have them since 4 years ago and if you can take care of them i swear they never run out.

it's quite easy!! you can do a regular braid and use your straightening iron and just go over the braid several times and then just let it use..
use a curling iron but for a few seconds and without holding the strip of hair.

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