Do good and bad coincide??

My saturday literally consisted of cruising through all of the freeways that connect in LA. Me and my sister went to send a VERY late father's day gift to my dad, eat yummy IHOP omelets,  go pet shopping with my sister (If that's what you call it), and go to the American Apparel flea market in dowtown LA! would you believe me if I told you that I didn't buy anything? Don't believe me, i did buy a waterbottle and i'm still sad about it.

I decided to go with a very girly summer dress and pair it with studded flats, what do you think of the combination?


Me: H&M skater flower dress & thrifted studded pink flats (yup.. $10)
Ivette: Zara belt, Akira blouse, and thrifted studded loafers

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